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We are here to arrange travel Flores Komodo for traveling to Flores island and Komodo National Park. From time to time we arrange Flores Komodo tours for travelers. We put Flores Komodo travel in the first place of Indonesia tours package.

However tour Flores Komodo, first you need accurate information. It’s because of difficult to cross from one to another places. So that you have to get information first, then to begin.

How to get there

Now is easy to get there. Because of flights are well connecting. This time there are more than a flight every day. Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali are most importantly place for this time. Because from those places you get direct flights. And those places also for international flights. From there you connect direct flight to Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the west part of Flores island.

But if you want travel Flores Komodo to start from east of Flores island, then you make different from above. You should to point your flight to Maumere or Ende town. Those towns are in the east and in the middle of Flores island. So that you start from there for Flores Komodo travel.

What to see there

A lot of tourist attractions to see here. In general to see wonderful nature, culture, wild life, corals and so much more. But there two important thing to see here. First is Komodo dragon. It’s living at Komodo National Park. Second is Kelimutu there colored lake. it’s in the middle of Flores island.

Travel Flores Komodo Indonesia

As long as you have plan to visit, then let we know now. For this reason why we are here. We are here to help you. Of course for your holidays. Because of our agent from there.

Come and join us now. Maybe you want our services now. Then send us email. So that you get everything from us. We do from now and next future.

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