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Tours Komodo Indonesia

Tours Komodo island is any kind of tours to the islands of Komodo national park in Indonesia.  Here, we are publishing any kind of Komodo tour packages for visitors who want to make holidays to our region. Tours Komodo will bring visitors to see Komodo dragon, wild life, wonder of coral or fishes at Komodo national park.

Center of Komodo tours Indonesia

Here is center of tours Komodo. To begin with Komodo island tour, daily trip Rinca or snorkeling. So much more we offers here. Yes we offers from daily trip or live aboard. We offers any of tours Komodo that you can choose on our tour packages. You can ask to our team as long as you can’t find program here. So new program will send to you after we get your inquiry.

Tours Komodo starts from Bali or Jakarta city because flights connect daily. You should transit in Bali Island if you make tour starts from another place. Starting point can do from Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Lombok or another island.

Boat tour Komodo island

Komodo island tour is first goal of tours Komodo Indonesia. Daily trip Rinca island is here. Island snorkeling trip also here. Or combine Rinca Komodo island tour. That is to say altogether here of trip Komodo island.

All tours Komodo will use boats that are preparing by our travel company. Our boats are preparing with safety equipment such as; life jackets, buoys, compass, firefighters and radio. Boat classification is starting from deck, cabin with fan and cabin non air condition. Deck class boat is using for daily trip without overnight. While cabin with fan or air condition is using for live aboard.

Trip Komodo National Park Indonesia

Here is the way for traveler to meet all kind of trip to Komodo National Park. Because you can ask whatever you want to do. Since we are staying on western of Flores Island where is the only to visit Komodo National Park. Travelers can do from daily or live aboard. Or just do some snorkeling around the island.

Maybe you also want to make dive around the islands. So here is the way also to do dive either daily or live aboard. You can also do for learning to get PADI dive certification. Dive combine with snorkeling are other option and most doing by travelers. Other most interesting tour packages are combine of diving, snorkeling and Komodo dragon tours.

Find here for boat trip Komodo

We serve private boat trip since all our tour arrangement is not serve for sharing or collection system. So, only our passengers will go on the boat during the trip.

To get guarantee of boat, we suggest travelers to make early reservation. On high season will get high traffic visitors on our region. So, please come along our suggestion. It’s not only cabin boat but also deck boat. On high season, we suggest visitors to make reservation at least 2 month before arrival. Especially for group more than 6 peoples should be making a reservation at least 3 month before arrival. High season is coming on July and August every year.

Labuan Bajo tours Komodo

We prepare 4 star hotels in Labuan Bajo town on west Flores Island. Or just need lowest price, so non star hotel is possible. We quote according to your requests on packages. Accommodations that we are preparing mostly on beach resort. Also on the hills with great landscape can order with us.

How to order here of tours Komodo

Easy to order here. Find your tour packages here. Or make your plan of length of stay. So tell us. Please choose the boat. What kind of activities you want to do. Ask the prices. Please ask your requests with an email. Our team will work to reply all your email. As long as you agree so, please tell us again.

Normally we give you respond with complete information and process since you ask something. Maybe you only ask more detail for other itineraries or change something before make a deal.

Furthermore about tours Komodo Indonesia

In addition, we have many kind of Komodo tour packages here. So travelers can choose along prefer. Some tour packages offers some option to choose. Travelers can choose live aboard and stay on hotel or combine of both.

Finally, if you have questions about tours Komodo, let we to know. We are happy as long as you make clear information before make deal. Our first goal is your happiness. To start from first communication. On the fielding and the end of trip. Your input is most importantly. Yes of course. It’s to improve our services for next time.

Tours Komodo Indonesia

Important to know that we have 3 classes of the boat trip. Starts from deck, cabin non air condition and cabin with air condition. So, if don’t mind please tell us which boat you prefer to take. Because on our quotation always use standard class that is cabin boat non air condition.

Of course, cabin boat with AC is expensive than non AC. Because support facilities different each class. Size also is different. Maybe we can recommend to use cabin boat with AC.

So, let we know about your plan for holidays to Komodo national park. On this page we talk only for tour Komodo. So that If you need to see Flores and Komodo tour, then go another pages. In detail see on Flores Komodo tour Indonesia.

Tours Komodo Indonesia

Komodo tours are our main offers of Indonesia tours because Komodo National Park is our home. From here we are from. Then from here we always arrange tours Komodo. So everything we can arrange all tours to the islands of Komodo national park. More than just bring travelers to our home to see what we have here. For this reason why we are here.

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