Tours Flores Komodo island

Tours Flores Komodo Indonesia

Tours Flores Komodo island is collection of tour packages from island of Flores and the islands of Komodo national park. Of course here is the way to see Komodo dragon, wildlife, corals or fishes, nature, culture and so much more. All the tour package is publishing here, combined of the both of tourist destination.

As long as visitors not find the program on this site, please contact us to get other information of our offers. We do not publish all the program on the tour packages but visitors can get directly from our official team.

Tours Flores Komodo island will show visitors to see our nature, culture, tradition, way of life, Komodo dragon, wild life and wonderful corals and fishes. A lot of tourist destination will see on the program but depend which tour package you are going to make deal with our Travel Company.

Here, we show the visitors about tourist objects on Flores Island in Indonesia. Such as; Kelimutu with its three color lake, traditional villages of Wolo Ga’i, Bena, Wogo, Ruteng Pu’u, Todo and primitive village of Wae Rebo. Riung seventeen islands, Batu cermin cave, Komodo dragon, wild life and wonder of coral and fishes.

Some activity will do on this tours to Flores island and travel to the islands of Komodo national park. Main activity is trekking or hiking, walking, snorkeling or diving, relaxing or sun bathing and camping.

All the tour packages are offers here will start the tours from east to west of Flores island. On Flores island, participants will do with overland tour from Maumere/east part to Labuan Bajo/west part of Flores Island. While on the islands of Komodo national park will do with boat trip start from harbor of Labuan Bajo town. Boat trip to the islands of Komodo national park can do with daily or stay on the boat. It is depend which tour packages you are going to make deal with our service.

Accommodation each town that you are going to stay on tour packages is not star hotel but all in standard room. Except in Labuan Bajo town, we service with star hotel on beach resort. Meals each town or village can fit for all visitors according to our experience. Land transportation that we are using for our clients is air condition cars.

In addition that if you have longer holidays, we recommend use the tour packages which is offer more than 6 days. It is more chance to visit both of tourist destination above. You can tell us if you do not want to stay on the boat since our program that more than 6 days always offer to stay on the boat.

Finally, please leave us an email if you have any question about tours Flores Komodo.

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Tours Flores Komodo Indonesia

You should to make a request as long as you don’t get the program here. Because we don’t put all program on this site. Maybe you want to get different what we have here, so please don’t hesitate to make request.

Program can make combine, shorten or longer as long as you prefer. But any changing of program will consequently to different costs. Yes, of course will make different price as a result.

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