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Tours Flores Island is general travel information about tours on Flores Island Indonesia. Furthermore, Tours Flores Island will bring visitors to see beauty of nature, culture, tradition, peoples and way of life.

Flores Island is administratively in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. Flores island has the greatest diversity of population, culture, traditions as well as languages. Also different customs and various hand weaving motif each regency. So that is perfect for tourist activities.

Here also is the island to see Komodo dragons. Because some places inhabited by Komodo dragons. Of course need special arrangement to do. To start from Riung district to the west part is place you can find Komodo. Also on the south west nearby Rinca island. It’s usually size is different from Komodo at Komodo island. But they are Komodo.


Flores is one of most beautiful island because topography is mountainous and hilly. So that visitors will see landscape along overland. Although you meet challenge road along the island but you find the beauty of view.

Because of topography so It’s make all driving with narrow road, through cliffs. Don’t worry on the way because our drivers have experience how to drive well. So by the geographical situation also make the landscape is beautiful throughout the land.

In general to see there

In addition there are a lot of natural beauty of Flores island. Maybe you find as long as you tours on Flores Island. Here you see the volcanoes are still active, savanna which stretches across the plains, barren hills, rain forest, terraced rice fields, white sandy beaches and virgin small islands around it. Tourism activity is trekking or hiking, road trips, bird observation, cycling, traditional agriculture and more. You can see also our Komodo tour to see Komodo dragon on this side.

How to make tours Flores Island?

Firstly is to point your flight to Maumere or Ende town as long as you want to starts from east part. But if you want starts from west part, so point your flight to Labuan Bajo town.

Travelers do with overland to cross along the island. Overland tour can do both from east and from west part. You can find rent car around the island but you can’t drive by your own. Because the road is not permit drive by inexperience.

What is the best attractions on tours Flores island?

One natural famous in Flores Island is Kelimutu lakes, which has three different colors in each lake. A stunning crater lake of natural events as catastrophic volcanic eruptions hundreds of years ago. This is what makes the charm of the famous tourist island of Flores in foreign countries since the colonial era.

You are not only see Kelimutu three colored lake but also many tourist attractions. Here are some tourist attractions find along the island.

Riung 17 islands

Riung located on north part of in the middle of Flores island. There are several islands there. Each island has beach, corals and fishes. That is why using for diving or snorkeling. Just to do with small boat to reach islands from Riung district. Spend not more than one hour. West part of Riung village is the place where Komodo dragons are living. But size is different from Komodo dragon at Komodo island.

Traditional home or villages

Important to realize that Flores has different traditional house or village every regency. This is one of Indonesia’s island with colorful culture. There are more than seven different traditional house or villages along the island. Different traditional houses or villages each regency means that different also tradition.

From east to west you will find different type of traditional houses or villages each regency. To start from east Flores, Sikka, Ende, Ngada and Manggarai regency. Colorful culture symbolize difference but in one goal.

Population, language and religion

This time living more two millions peoples around the island. Two type of peoples are living in different region. In the west part mostly dominated by Melanesian. While on the east part dominated by Polynesian. According to our ritual ceremony originally of Flores peoples come from China land. Migration from million years ago.

More than five different languages are speaking. Every regency has different speaking or different language. Not dialects but different language. Every language has more four dialects. To meet between of locals where different language so that Indonesian is most importantly.

Peoples are mostly Catholic. It because of Portuguese and Dutch colonialism. Rest is Protestant, Moslem and Hindu. The original peoples are dominated to the Catholic. But we are harmony.

Marine life

Along north part of Flores island there are two places for diving or snorkeling. First is Maumere bay. There is small group island there. Some of places can do dive or snorkeling. Riung is one the place also for diving or snorkeling.

Not only above tourist attractions but also other interesting. But we don’t put at all here. When you visit Flores island, then you see what we have.

Flores travel agency

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Tours Flores island

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