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Tours Flores Island is general travel information about tours on Flores Island Indonesia. Furthermore, Tours Flores Island will bring visitors to see beauty of nature, culture, tradition, peoples and way of life.

Flores Island is administratively in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. Flores is one of the island that have the greatest diversity of population, culture, traditions, languages, customs and various hand weaving motif. So it’s is perfect for tourist activities on the basis of natural attractions.

Flores is one of most beautiful island because topography is mountainous and hilly. So that visitors will see landscape along overland. Although you meet challenge road along the island but you find the beauty of view.

Because of topography so It’s make all driving with narrow road, through cliffs. Don’t worry on the way because our drivers have experience how to drive well. So by the geographical situation also make the landscape is beautiful throughout the land.

One natural famous in Flores Island is Kelimutu lakes, which has three different colors in each lake. A stunning crater lake of natural events as catastrophic volcanic eruptions hundreds of years ago. This is what makes the charm of the famous tourist island of Flores in foreign countries since the colonial era.

In addition there are a lot of natural beauty of Flores island. Maybe you find as long as you tours on Flores Island. Here you see the volcanoes are still active, Savanna which stretches across the plains, barren hills, rain forest, terraced rice fields, white sandy beaches and virgin small islands around it.

Tourism activity is trekking or hiking, road trips, bird observation, cycling, traditional agriculture and more.

How to make tours to Flores Island?

Firstly point your flight to Maumere or Ende town as long as you want to starts from east part. But if you want starts from west part, so point your flight to Labuan Bajo town.

Travelers do with overland by a car to reach the island. So, you can do either from east to west or vice versa. You can find rent car around the island but you can’t drive by your own. Because the road is not permit drive by inexperience.

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