Tour Information Services

Tour Information services are subject to inform you about condition of tour according to our local condition on Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park. Our tour is serving daily both on the islands of Komodo national park or trip Flores island.

General tour information services

We are here to give tour information services in general. For further information we give you through email upon your request arrives. We need you to know in general tour information services here. So that you have reference before make tour with our tour company.

Important item of tour information services

Below is some important item of tour information services before you go with tour company. As long as you are interesting with our offer so that you know condition in general.

Communication first thing to do of our tour information services

It’s very important to know that we don’t have price each tour package here. It’s because we need your request first through email. We don’t accept communication through Whatsapp or telephone to make deal. Whatsapp and telephone only for short communication. We need communication with you to be clear before make a deal with us.


As long as you make deal with our offer then please make a reservation through email. Just tell us which tour package you will take. Your reservation at least 2 month before your arrival for low season. While you should make 3 month before your arrival on high season. On your reservation should be following with deposit or cash.


Each reservation or booking should be followed by your deposit to keep all tour component as per program that you agreed. Your deposit will cover any tour component along the tour. We can’t confirm as long as you don’t make deposit.


We will send you an invoice since you make a reservation. The invoice will ask you to make a deposit through our company bank account. After your first deposit arrive at our bank account then we will send you receive in the invoice. We ask 40% of total tour cost for the first deposit.

Full payment

We ask you for full payment at least two week before your arrival. Or you can make full payment on arrival date on Flores island. But if you take our tour packages beyond Flores Komodo island, so you we don’t accept payment on arrival date.

Final invoice

Final invoice will send to you for your full payment before your arrival. But if you pay on arrival date, so keep your first invoice to claim our on arrival date. While rest of your payment should give to our team or direct to our office in Labuan Bajo town.


We don’t accept if make cancellation after first deposit because all your first payment we use to cover your reservation. We will refund your money except you have made full payment on first reservation. But you have to make cancel at least 1 month before your arrival. We refund 60% of total your full payment.

Company’s bank account

All our transaction should transfer to our company’s bank account. We don’t accept your transfer through personal account. We don’t take responsible if you make through personal account. Except you have made clear communication with our team before to transfer to account of directory of the company.

Our responsibility

We don’t responsibility for flight cancellation, died, not show on arrival date, lost baggage, natural disaster, political condition, accident and so much more happening beyond our control. We give responsibility as long as we have make deal on a tour service.

Tour information services

Perhaps we don’t put all here the information about Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park Indonesia. So that you ask any time to get detail. Our team will give respond accordingly. Our office open every day. So all your question will respond on working time.

We are local travel company of Flores island, Indonesia. Our located on the center of Labuan Bajo town, in the west part of Flores island. Our team have experience on tourism both on the office or on the field. We are legal tour company since 2012.