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Tour Condition

Tour condition Indonesia is our information how to process or make a reservation to our offers. While complete condition on Flores Komodo will get as long as you make an inquiry. Let we know what is your plan, so we will arrange according to your plan also.

Here, we would to give some information about term condition in our Travel Company. You have to know before make a deal with our tour packages. As we are explaining in front of this website that Flores Mega Tours is the only one of our online marketing division. So all the transactions will go through our legality of the company.

Correspondent: We will respond to all the request that come through our company’s email to make easy on controlling of the inbox emails. We put all our website to one email address. Don’t hesitate to ask as long as you are not understand yet what we explain or any other problem or plan.

Reservation: We need you reservation and confirmation before your arrival to our region in Indonesia. This is to cover all tour components that you will use on traveling. Any confirmation or final booking should be made with an email to our our official email on side page.

Invoice: Will send to you when you agree with our offers since you start communicate with us. The first invoice will ask the payment to you and all the tour contracts according to our agreement.

Final Invoice: Will send to you when your payment arrives at our company’s bank account. Here, you will know all confirmation about hotels, meals, boat, cars, tour guide, entrance and another component. That is from our agreement between you and our company.

Please keep the final invoice because it is our formal contract letter to claim our service. Bring your final invoice accompany with you on traveling.

Deposit: We ask deposit 60% of total tour cost per person since our invoice send to you.  This is to cover all your tour components in the tour agreement. The rest of payment or 40% of total cost should be paying at least 1 month before arrival.

Payment: Payment should be transferring to our company’s account of the bank that we register of our account. As the company’s account, we do not accept payment with Credit card or paypal. We only accept with wire transfer to our bank account.

Responsibility: We do not responsibility for any kind of insurance, lost, accident, personal things, damage or any other situation beyond our contracts and control.

Refund and cancellation: No refund for all deposit since all cover your booking if you make cancellation after deposit. We give refund only as long as you make cancel after full payment. Refund will give 50% of total rest of payment but not from your deposit. We don’t give you refund for all situation at our destination beyond our control. Such as; natural disaster, civil conflicts, demonstrations, war or any other problem on destination that can’t make the tour.

Finally we would not to make complicate for our clients but we have to write it here just to remember you. Not to force but we want to make clear information although we have other solutions.

Tour Condition Indonesia

Any other condition that not mentioned above, so please discus with our team. Here we don’t put at all the tour condition and term. Also very important things that all tour condition is made from our company but we can discus when we can make good solution.

Tour Condition Indonesia

As we understand that you will spend the time for holidays, so we don’t need to make any problem for all our clients. Except condition or situation difficult to solve and it’s happening beyond our control. Let’s go with human understanding for all situation.

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