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Tourism Flores island Indonesia this time is a world tourist destination. Because of Flores island has a lot of tourist attractions. A lot of thing to see there. In general you see wonderful of nature, culture, tradition and more.

This time tourism Flores island is growing quickly. At the same time carrying capacity is well growing. Airports, road, hotel, restaurants and other are well now.

How to get there

So far we have three main airports in Flores island. Maumere airport is a gate to east Flores. Ende airport is a gate in the middle of Flores. And Labuan Bajo airport is a gate in the west of Flores.

You only point your flight to those airport. Jakarta, Suarabaya and Bali are main airport to connect the direct flight. Or from where to begin with your flights. Those airports are supporting tourism Flores island from time to time.

What to see there

So much to see on tourism Flores island. Yes, of course. Because of more than in your dream. We put Kelimutu lake in the first place of tourism Flores island. In general you see wonderful of nature, culture, hand weaving and more.

Facilities on Flores for this time

So far the facilities are going well. To begin with hotel, restaurant, road, tourist objects and many more. It’s growing together with increasing of visitors. Flores tourism is good prospect in the next future. Following of the well tourism growth then human resource also is important. So that can match with government plans.

How i do to see there

As long as you are interesting, then let we know. We always help visitors since set up until this time. For this reason why we are here. We are here to help you. As far as you have plan then find us now. From time to time we do for Flores tourism package.

Come and join us now. Hope we meet you soon.

Tours Flores island

Tours Flores Island Indonesia

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Tours Flores Island is general travel information about tours on Flores Island Indonesia. Furthermore, Tours Flores Island will bring visitors to see beauty of nature, culture, tradition, peoples and way of life. Flores Island is administratively in the province of... read more

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