Packages Tour Flores Komodo

Packages tour Flores Komodo
Packages tour Flores Komodo
Packages tour Flores Komodo

Packages tour Flores Komodo are all kind of program for holidays to Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park Indonesia. That is the destination what we serving on Indonesia holidays from time to time. To do Flores Komodo in a tour package can be started from east or west part of Flores island. But our program here we arrange to begin from east part of Flores island.

It’s tour combination where you do overland along Flores island and do with boat trip to the islands of Komodo national park. Packages tour Flores Komodo are suitable for visitors or travelers who want visit Flores island and Komodo National Park on a holidays. So, if you have time suitable for our offer here, just choose one of Flores Komodo tour packages.

Indonesia tourist destination

Flores Island and the islands of Komodo National Park are one of the best Indonesia tour destination this time. If you have plan for holidays to Indonesia, so that Flores and Komodo become one of best tourist destination you can choose. Komodo Dragon is one most world tourist destination. Kelimutu three colored in the central of Flores island is one of most mysterious nature that can find today.

A lot thing to see both on Flores island or on the islands of Komodo national park Indonesia. To begin with nature, culture, traditional houses or villages, locals, Komodo Dragons, corals or fishes and so much more to see. For this reason why we always promote our home land to the world.

Program of packages tour Flores Komodo

Each tour package has different or same program. It’s depending which place going to visit by travelers. However the duration is influenced how many place to see on your holidays. Our tour program has designed according to local conditions. Most of our tour program started from east to west part of Flores island. But you can do from west to east part of the island. As long as you want to begin from west part, so firstly you visit the islands of Komodo national park. Then you will be ending in the east part of the island.

You can ask to our program to make shorter, longer or combined as per your plan. As far as we can arrange according to local condition then we do it for you. Normally we show the highlight destination in generally for short duration. While you see many place if you have longer time for holidays.

Accommodation on packages tour Flores Komodo

Accommodation is standard along Flores island for this time. But there is not start hotel beyond Labuan Bajo town. You will stay each capital of regency along trip. Room has private toilet and using air condition on coastal area. All our packages tour Flores Komodo to include accommodation along the tour.


Restaurant can find every stop spot along overland. Stop will be made according to the distance that we know from time to time. Menu is variation from Indonesian, European, Chinese and local. Most of our cost here to include meals on our packages tour Flores Komodo. But you can choose to get your own meal along the trip.

Land transportation

Our cars are showing with good standard. Air condition is using along the trip. On our service can do for individual, small group or large group.

Boat trip

Along tour Flores island and Komodo national park, you will take a boat trip. Because trip to the islands of Komodo national park use boat. The boat also will use at Riung Seventeen islands. It’s depending which tour package you want to take. Riung is a district where you can do for snorkeling and white sandy beach.

Tour Guide Flores island

Tour guide is one our most important item on packages tour Flores Komodo. They are accompanying you along the trip. We use standard tour guide both working with our company or freelance. Together with driver, they are best selection of our tour company.

Packages tour Flores Komodo

As long as you have question, please send us an email. Our team will give respond on working time. Our office open daily from 08.00 AM to 17.30 PM. Don’t hesitate to ask any time through our email address on the main page. We are here to serve you.

Hope you meet right Flores tour company for your holidays. We are specialist for Flores Komodo tours since set up. Eco tour Flores Komodo is our special offer to see different way and place along the island. Just contact us if you need special interest. Join now with Indonesian travel company based on Flores island.