Komodo Tour Packages

Komodo tour packages are collection from all kind of tours to the islands of Komodo national park Indonesia. Here we show several Komodo tour packages to you that we made according to the local conditions. We always update the tour packages as long as something change on the field.

Here we bring you to see the Komodo Dragons, wild life, wonderful of corals or colorful of fishes, landscape, white sandy beach and much more. On Komodo tour packages you will see so many island covering the Komodo National Park Indonesia.

World Tourist Destination

Komodo National Park is a world tourist destination from time to time. It’s because of the Komodo Dragons. Here is the place where tourists will see Komodo Dragons at their natural habitat. Komodo Dragon is the world reptile only found on the islands of Komodo national park. For this reason why Komodo National Park become first destination on Indonesia tours. That is why Komodo tour packages become favorite of Indonesia tourism.

A lot of thing to see on the islands of Komodo national park. Trekking or hiking, snorkeling or diving, beach relaxing are main activities will doing along Komodo trip. We have also program on Komodo tour packages around the town of Labuan Bajo, in the west part of Flores island.

Beyond Komodo Dragons

If you visit the islands of Komodo national park, you are not only see the Komodo dragons but a lot thing to see. To begin with wonderful of corals or colorful of fishes, great landscape, wild life, nature, white sandy beaches, vegetation and more. Look at our Komodo tour packages to see the program where you can find the things to see.

Snorkeling or diving is the best activities along trip on the islands of Komodo national park. The activity will bring tourists see virgin corals or colorful of fishes. Komodo National Park Indonesia is one of the world diving spot and snorkeling. Most the islands are easy to find the corals or fishes. While you enjoy to see beauty small islands along the trip.

Together with Komodo Dragons, we combine program to do snorkeling or swimming, trekking or hiking and make relaxing on white sandy beaches. To see detail just find our program on Komodo tour packages.

Tour Program

We have designed the tour program each Komodo tour packages here. So that you know which place to go, what to see and which activities will doing. Our tour program always change as long as something changing on the filed. That is to say we design the tour program update. The program is following what happening on the spot.

On Komodo tour packages you find what program doing on your traveling. Each tour package is different or same program you see, depend of the route or duration. On tour program can be changed, shorter, longer or combine. It’s depending on your request. You just tell what you are planning on holidays. We will arrange itinerary accordingly.

Boat trip to Komodo National Park on Komodo tour packages

This time our boat prepare with cabin, deck or speed boat. Cabin boat has class you have to choose. It’s depending on facilities and size. While deck boat and speed boat are using for daily trip start from Labuan Bajo town. It’s meant that you stay on the hotel in Labuan Bajo town, west part of Flores island. So that from there you do daily trip. You can choose which one is prefer for your holidays. Just look the program on Komodo tour packages.

As long as you prefer to stay on the boat along the trip, so that cabin boat is the way to choose. Stay on the boat also can combine with stay on the hotel. While if you don’t prefer to stay on the boat, so that you will use deck boat or speed boat. Because you will stay in the hotel and make daily trip from morning and back in the afternoon. Look detail of program on our Komodo tour packages here.

Labuan Bajo town, Flores Island

First of all we tell you that all Komodo tours should to start from Labuan Bajo town, in the west part of Flores island. Labuan Bajo town is the only place where all tours to Komodo National Park to begin with boat trip. So, there is not other place you start. Except you do with large world cruise to begin from other country. If you are not on cruise, so that you will start from Labuan Bajo town.

All our service for you start from the airport of Komodo in the center of Labuan Bajo town. Labuan Bajo town is a premium tourism destination since few year ago. The infrastructures are completely good standard. All facilities are serving with international standard. From here we serve all kind of Komodo tour packages.

Komodo Tour Packages

Finally we thanks for our clients that have been with us in the past time. We welcome for new clients who want to joint with our services. Choose one of our tour package here, then tell us. We are here to serve all kind of Komodo tours. Our service for Komodo tour packages depart daily from Labuan Bajo town.

As long as you don’t find the program according to your plan, then just send us an email. Our team will give respond on working time. Our team team work every day except on Sunday. Hope you are happy with our service on Komodo and Flores island. We are first local Flores travel company in Labuan Bajo town, Indonesia.