Komodo Indonesia Holidays

Komodo Indonesia is a world reptile that only living on Komodo National Park. Komodo is living on some islands of Komodo national park. However they are living on natural habitat. Komodo is latest generation of Dinosaurs. More than 150 kilograms in height is world biggest reptile that survival until today. For this reason why called Komodo Dragons.

Almost 2 meters in length, Komodo Indonesia is living not only on Komodo National Park but also living some part of Flores island. Dragon Komodo is cannibal and dangerous animal. Komodo is top predator on the islands of Komodo national park. Komodo Dragons are living together with wild animals as their daily prey.

The islands of Komodo Dragon

Komodo National Park is covering more than hundred islands where Komodo Dragons are living with other wild animals. The largest island is Komodo where most of Komodo dragons are living there. Rinca is second largest island of Komodo national park. Here is also living more than thousand of Komodo Dragons. There is also other islands that occupied by Komodo Dragons. Nusa Kode and Gili Motang island are other islands where Dragon of Komodo living.

All those islands are calling the islands of Komodo Dragons. Because of many Komodo Dragons are living there. In some part of Flores island, Komodo dragons are living in their habitat. Wae Wu’ul in south, Pota in the north and Riung in middle of Flores are places occupied by Komodo Dragons. They are same type with Komodo Dragon at Komodo National Park. But the different is size. Most of Komodo Dragon on Flores island are smaller than on the Komodo National Park.

How to get Komodo Indonesia

Most of visitors are visiting Komodo dragons at the islands of Komodo national park Indonesia. Because of they are living on the island so that easy to find them. While Komodo Dragons on the island of Flores need special arrangement to see.

Komodo Indonesia
Komodo Indonesia

However to get Komodo National Park, the island of Flores is very important. Because all the flight go through Flores island. From there visitors use boat to visit the islands of Komodo national park. Western part of Flores is very important place to visit Komodo National park.

Labuan Bajo town

The only place to get the islands of Komodo national park is Labuan Bajo town. It’s capital of west Manggarai regency in the western part of Flores island. That is to say center of all kind of Komodo tours. For this reason why our government choose Labuan Bajo town as ten best tourist development program. This time the town is growing quickly. Infrastructures are well growing all over the town.

Today, Labuan Bajo is the best destination of Indonesia. Since 2020 Labuan Bajo town become a premium destination. Government has built great infrastructures to support tourism sector. So that facilities are easy to choose now for visitors.

Labuan Bajo also is the center of the boat trip. To begin from small size up to big size. So, visitors can choose from any class of the boat. All tour Komodo Indonesia started from Labuan Bajo town. The only place where you begin with boat trip.

Flight to Labuan Bajo

It’s so easy to get flight to Labuan Bajo town. Labuan Bajo has an international airport that is Komodo airport. You can get flight from many places in Indonesia. It’s good connect from the island of Java, Bali, Timor, Sulawesi and other islands. Flight is serving more than six times a day. Just connect from your country to see the route of flight.

Daily flight today to Labuan Bajo town is from Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali island. Also other city can connect well for flight to Labuan Bajo town. So you find easy of flight for Komodo tours Indonesia.

Boat trip for Komodo tours Indonesia

The boat or speed boat are the only transport to get Komodo National Park Indonesia. There is not other transport you do. And all start from the town of Labuan Bajo, western part of Flores island. From there all trip to begin with boat.

Today there many kind of the boat that you can get. Facilities of the boat are well serving. So visitors only choose the classes of the boat before make trip. Tell to local travel company what kind of the boat you prefer to use.

Contact local tour company

To do tour Komodo Indonesia, just contact local travel company. We are here is a leading Flores tour company since 2012. So that we organize daily Komodo tour. As long as you are interesting with our offer then contact us now. Don’t worry with us because we are legal tour company.

So far we have successful arrange Komodo tours Indonesia. Most of our clients have given great recommend. We are local here to serve you. Together with Flores island, we organize both of the destination. We serve daily or live aboard.

Komodo Indonesia Holidays

It’s a world tour destination today. It’s because of Komodo Dragons that only living there. As long as you have question, kindly to ask our team. For this reason why we are here. We are specialize arrange Komodo tour in Indonesia from time to time.

Hope our services meet with your plan. Not only Komodo tour but we arrange together with Flores tours Indonesia. For further information, let we know. Get clear information with our team now. Not to force but to invite you.