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Probably  a lot of visitors or tourist do not know Komodo dragon at Gili Motang island. I trust it so much. Because if you see on the large map, maybe difficult to see this island. You can see except special map of Komodo National Park.

I can imagine if no body knows. Because peoples rarely visit this island. Therefore, no body know also about Komodo dragon at Gili Motang Island. Even for local peoples also do not know much about Gili Motang island. Enchanting little island.

Fishermen also not always to go there or stopping for resting. Maybe they scare with Komodo dragon. It’s cannibal that can kill anything even each other of Komodo dragon. Or encase with their catch. I can not clarify detail why fishermen also not always visit Gili Motang Island.

So, i am going talk about Gili Motang island and Komodo dragons. Can you imagine that Komodo dragon is living on the small island? It’s little strange even for me also. But this the reality.

Komodo dragon

Komodo dragon at Gili Motang island

Gili Motang is close from Rinca Island. Take about 1 hour from east of Rinca island or 4 hours from Labuan Bajo town. If you are on eastern part of Rinca island, so you can see Gili Motang island from there. No peoples are living on this island. Only Komodo dragon and wild life.

White sandy beach in some part of the island can find. Also in the north part, there is some places for snorkeling to see the corals and fishes. No body know that how many deer and wild board are living on this island. Because it’s not the place of main visiting by the peoples.

The are of Gili Motang is 30 square kilometer. Covering by monsoon forest and savannas. More than hundred Komodo dragons are living there. All Komodo dragon here living in real pure environment. They live all over the land.

Gili Motang is an island located east part of Komodo National Park. Since 1991, Gili Motang together with the islands of Komodo national park become a world heritage site by UNESCO.

But on the same way, Gili Motang island is not priority in protection until today. My experience when visited Gili Motang island, there is not rangers at the post to secure here.

Dragon Gili Motang

Dragon Gili Motang

It’s very unfortunate when an island with wild life without control. The only place on the world where we can see Komodo dragon. No more places around the world. So far, Komodo dragon is living well only on the islands of Komodo national park and some part of Flores Island.

Maybe the authority will make secure post at Gili Motang island in the future. I really hope can be done. Because when i was at Gili Motang island, i can’t say how beauty the nature.

I found some of Komodo dragons and also wild life. When we crossed some part, showing wild boar and deer. They are all very wild. Even to take pictures, it was difficult.

Back to the protection system. Maybe better secure Gili Motang Island likewise other islands of Komodo national park. It’s really importantly to secure either nature and wild life that is living here.

Tours Komodo dragon to Gili Motang island;

No one travel agencies arrange tours to see Komodo dragon and wild life to Gili Motang island until today. Firstly reason is because there is not daily service by the authority there. The secondly reason is need more than 4 hours from the town of Labuan Bajo, west part of Flores island.

Other reason is the weather. Sometime very difficult to go when the weather is bad. The area is almost to the Savu sea in the south part of Flores. Savu is the sea between south of Flores and east of Sumba island. Sometime on July and August come the big wave.

Probably to make tours Komodo dragon at Gili Motang should be seeing local weather. The secondly is use big boat to cross.

Gili Motang island

Gili Motang island

Before visiting, we should be telling to the authority of Komodo National Park. It’s need special arrangement with the authority. Also, we have to bring a ranger go with us.

It’s because we can not go without rangers to secure during we are staying there. Because Komodo dragon is danger animal. Since i many time visit there, so now we want to starts to arrange the trip to Gili Motang. We would be on our travel program.

We bring with Eco tours to see Komodo dragon and wild life at Gili Motang island. Of course we make combination with Rinca, Komodo and other islands.

Maybe need 4 days to cover Gili Motang, Rinca, Komodo and other islands. We will make the tour packages soon. Hope you are become our first clients will join this trip.

But we suggest you to make early confirmation to book the trip. Because we really need time to arrange with authority of Komodo National Park.

Find us that know more about destination, because we are local travel company. Make your experience different with other tourists.

Since we get request for tours to see Komodo dragon at Gili Motang island, so we will arrange the program, route and other component in the tour packages. Discover the island where no tourists visit here.

Komodo Dragon Gili Motang island

Probably you are interesting with this article and want to do tours to see Komodo dragon at Gili Motang island, so we can arrange well for you.

Komodo dragon Gili Motang island

Make your experience with locals who know more about local condition too. Waiting for your news in the next.

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