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Komodo Daily Trip Indonesia

Komodo daily trip is tour packages for Komodo tour starts from Labuan Bajo town, west part of Flores Island. This is suitable for visitors who only use a part of our service for trip to Komodo national park.  So, we only prepare boat trip, entrance, tour guide, meals and snorkeling equipment. We arrange either for daily trip or live aboard for all kind of trip to the islands of Komodo national park.

Great Komodo tours so far

However trip Komodo is great holidays. Because of Komodo dragon is here. The only place on earth to see Komodo dragon. Here is the only place to see Komodo dragon in natural habitat. Maybe you can see other places. But not in natural habitat. There are several islands inhabited by Komodo dragons. Here is the islands of Komodo dragon.

Not only Komodo dragon to see but also other tourist attractions

On Komodo trip you are not only see Komodo dragon but also wild life, wonderful of corals and colorful fishes. Why we say great holidays in Indonesia. You see a lot of tourist attractions here. On the islands you see Komodo dragons, wild life and landscape. While on the see you see wonderful of corals and colorful fishes.

Where to start Komodo tours

For Komodo daily trip is started only from Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the western part of Flores island. From here you do all Komodo trip. There is not other places you can do. Labuan Bajo town is the center of Komodo flores tourism. Supporting facilities are growing well here. Everything easy to find here for your needs.

Labuan Bajo town is center of tour boat. All tour boat can find at harbor. Therefore visitors should to go Labuan Bajo first before make tour to Komodo.

Flight to Labuan Bajo town

Most importantly is flight. You do returning flight to and from Labuan Bajo town. This time you connect direct flight from some major cities in Indonesia. To start from Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya and Makasar to Labuan Bajo with direct flight. Even more than a flight every day. As long as you start from other places, then you transit to the above cities before fly to Labuan Bajo.

Tour activities on Komodo trip

During on the islands you do walking, trekking or hiking. For special interest of course do long trek. For example bird exploration and also Eco tours. While on the see you do snorkeling, swimming or diving. But we put diving trip different from regular tour. Also special interest we put different from regular trip. A lot of island beaches can find around. Pink beach color is well-known on Komodo island tour.

Rinca Komodo island tour

The best holidays is Rinca Komodo island tour up to the present time. Because of Rinca and Komodo island are the place for Komodo tours. Komodo is first largest island of Komodo national park. While Rinca is the second largest island of Komodo national park. Both Rinca and Komodo island are most important islands of Komodo national park. Usually Komodo tours always stop to the both of the islands.

Whatever kind of trip to Komodo, then Rinca Komodo become first place to visit. Visit Komodo and Rinca means that you do completely for Komodo tour. Yes of course. Rinca Komodo island is first point.

Boat trip to Komodo National Park

First thing to remember is tour boat. You can’t reach the islands of Komodo national park without boat. Because of boat is the only transportation. This is time boat is main tour component for tour Komodo. Because of no other transports can connect except boat.

Only private boat you can do for Komodo tour. No public transport this time. So that you need to book before. Usually we keep the schedule after your confirmation.

Classes of boat trip Komodo

We suggest to choose class of boat trip before make deal. Because we have class of boat with deck, cabin non AC or cabin with AC. Boat with deck is only serve for daily trip because not need cabin to sleep. While cabin boat is serving for live aboard. We don’t recommend to use deck boat as long as you do overnight on the sea. Safety standard is same but different facilities.

There are three classes of cabin boat. First is cabin boat fan with share bathroom. Second is cabin boat AC but share bathroom. Third is cabin boat with private bathroom. You can choose which one is prefer. You choose boat at the same time with confirmation date.

Confirm Komodo trip now

Komodo daily trip is need to book before arrival in Flores island to cover our schedule of the boats. Because we need to keep schedule of our boat. Our service normally starts from your hotel. So, it is important to tell which hotel you will stay in Labuan Bajo town.

Choose not only daily trip but also live aboard

Because Komodo daily trip is not only for daily returning, then so live aboard also is main offers. Then you can choose starts from daily or live aboard. To start from 2 days, 3 days or more. Look on this side for detail programs. A lot of program and options you can choose there.

Here, we offer many kind of Komodo daily trip to visit some island for a day at Komodo national park. It depends on your plan travel to our region. It can make combining to see Komodo Dragon, wild life and snorkeling with one trip. Or just to make daily snorkeling to see beauty of corals and colorful of fishes.

Furthermore Komodo daily trip

Finally, please choose of our offers here that we publish with various of program. Visitors can ask to our team if you need different what we have here. Maybe you need make shorten, combine or lengthen of our programs. Don’t hesitate to ask our team to get clear information before make a deal.

Here is other site of daily trip Komodo. Also arrange daily trip or live aboard. Of course the site is under same authorization.

Komodo Daily Trip In Labuan Bajo

Although Komodo daily trip is not fully board but it’s suitable for clients already accommodation in Labuan Bajo town. Although our office located in the heart of Labuan Bajo town, we still need your early booking to do this trip.

We don’t give guarantee as long as you make booking after arrival in Labuan Bajo town. Because you have to wait for next schedule of our boat. Not to force you but maybe our suggestion is important than waste your time here. So,bwe wait your new to use our service in Labuan Bajo town. Especially for Komodo daily trip.

For this reason why we are here. We are here to help you. From here we are from. From here also we do Komodo daily trip. Flores island is our home to serve Flores Komodo trip.

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