We arrange Indonesia tours package for travel to our largest archipelago. Visit our tropical country with a lot of tourist attraction which is one of the world tourism destination. Indonesia is comprising more than 17,000 islands which is colorful of Floras and Faunas. Beside of that, Indonesia is rich with culture, tradition and local language.

Tourist attractions can do either on the land or on the sea with a lot of interesting to see. Because of big country, traveler need longer time to cover all the country. But here we would to introduce some part of our country to present highlight tourism destination. We describe here in the tour packages to show the great place to visit either land or sea.

Here we would to bring you to visit; Komodo, Flores, Bali, Java, Borneo, Lombok, Sulawesi and other islands. We organize Indonesia tours for your holidays to our country. Indonesia tours package will be made you to know which part your are going to do holidays.

We would to bring travelers to see Indonesia highlights tourism. It’s our largest Indonesia tours to cross one to another island. For the purpose of Indonesia tours package, we publish some offers here. Indonesia tours packages are publishing here, in order to make easy how you choose.

That is to say you can choose which part of Indonesia tours will be doing for your holidays. So that you tell us. And so, we arrange Indonesia tours package comparatively with your plan. Hope that can meet your requirements for Indonesia tours.

Indonesia tours package are arranging in private. You must be remembered that we don’t accept tour in share, collect or catalog system. This is on our condition to escape from any problem during the tour and also, travelers should to wait other participants. To be sure how many peoples are going to join.

All Indonesia tours package arranged either for individual or group. But our prices are quoted minimum 2 peoples for once departure. At the same time we give different price when you are more than 2 peoples.

Flores Komodo tours are in the first place of our arrangements because these our home in Indonesia. And also our office located on west Flores Island. Here is the place where we starts our travel business. Because of our long experience in tours and travel arrangement, so we would arrange beyond Flores Komodo.

Find our highlights tourism below;

Komodo National Park;

Komodo National Park is one of the world tourism destination in Indonesia. The only place in the world where you can see Komodo dragons in their natural habitat.

So, you are here to see the islands of Komodo dragon, wild life and corals or fishes. Combine do trek to see Komodo dragon and wild life on land activities. While do with snorkeling or diving to see wonder of corals and colorful of fishes.

Today Komodo National Park is one of world class of diving site. Boat is the only transportation will use here. because no other choice to cross 30 islands of Komodo national park. Komodo tours can starts from Bali island or Jakarta city on Java Island. Both of this place served with daily flight to Komodo airport of Labuan Bajo town.

As long as you starts from other islands so your flight should transit in Bali before fly to west Flores Island. Point your flight to Labuan Bajo town, west part of Flores island from your starting place.

Flores Island;

Uniquely island in Indonesia. Great landscape all over the island. It’s different topography from other islands in Indonesia. mountainous and hilly find along the way.

Kelimutu three colored lake is the main tourist destination. Here you will find the lake with different color of water each crater. It’s a wonderful and dramatic sight in the world. Also here is the place to explore the endemic bird of Flores. The lakes covering by Kelimutu National Park with 5,000 hectares.

Other interesting is traditional villages or houses, hand weaving attractions, Riung 17 islands and so much more. To get complete information, so please contact our team. Because our office bases in west Flores Island. As long as you are interesting for Flores Island tours please let us to know.

Lombok Island;

Lombok island is one most tourist destination in Indonesia. We are here arrange to visit Sasak traditional house, snorkeling or relaxing at three Gilis and Rinjani trekking. Lombok Island also can call second Bali or the new Bali. Completely with tourism supporting infrastructure, so Lombok is deluxe holidays package. But to visit three Gilis, the only small boat or speed boat will used by travelers.

Java Island;

Jakarta city and Bogor botanical garden. Visit national monument, Mosque and Cathedral and other metropolitan city tour. Visit botanical garden in Bogor city built on colonialism era where you will see colorful of tropical garden.

Here you will visit Yogyakarta city to see Borobudur and Prambanan temple. Also make adventure to Dieng plateau, Bromo crater and Solo city is the center of Indonesian Batik produced by local industry.

Borneo Land;

Tanjung Puting National Park is main destination of our arrangement in Borneo Island. Maybe we will go to other part but this time we focus here. Here is the main point to see Orang Utan and Proboscis, long tail macaques and some kind of birds. Travelers will see the rehabilitation center around the park where Orang Utan arrest here, if they have problem.

Maybe you can’t make an adventure, because here mostly do with adventure tours. The only place where you have to sleep on boat or KLOTOK called by locals there. No other choice except do with boat to cross a river at Kumai.

Pangkalan Bun airport is the only place to point your flight. You can do from Jakarta or Semarang city in central of Java island. There is not other option beyond both of the city. And also there is not other transportation beyond the flight. Because national passenger boat is schedule and need time to wait.

Sulawesi Island;

We are here arrange only to visit Toraja land. It’s well-known traditional villages in Indonesia with unique construction either interior or exterior. Travelers can see local ceremonies are holding until today. Burial process is the main ceremonies are running by locals as their old spirit.

Indonesia Tours Discover Komodo Flores

Because it’s largest tour in Indonesia, where you will cross between the islands so we need your early confirmation. We need time to arrange tour components on each destination. High season come on July and August every year, so please make confirmation early. You do confirmation on high season at least 3 month before arrival. While you do confirmation at least 2 month before arrival on low season.

Indonesia Tours Discover Komodo Flores

You can do also a part of this tour or just take an island. It’s depending on your plan in holidays to Indonesia. But if you want to make all the destination, so please let us to know. Sometime we cancel the trip as long as you make very late confirmation.

You can take a part of our services. Or you want to get fully services also possible. We arrange domestic flights according to the route and schedules. Maybe you want to make your own flight, so just tell to our team. We can follow your flight route to arrange the tour.

Welcome to Indonesia. The beauty of tropical country. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world.


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