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We have own fleet and office

Our travel company has own fleet either land or sea transportation to support our tour operation on the field. Get everything with local travel services.

Responsive your requests

Quick response to your requests, clear and update travel information. We serve visitors since first communication until the end of the tour.

Professional Team

We have 12 peoples are working either at the office, boat and car. All our team already trained and has long experience on travel management. Officer, tour guide, crew member and driver are working in professional.

Local licensed Travel Company

Our travel company is basis in Labuan Bajo town, west part Flores island. Licensed on 2012 by Indonesian government with name PT. KOMODO MEGA WISATA. Go with with locals who know all about our tourist destination. Low budget with high quality services.

Flores Komodo Tour Indonesia

Flores travel company arrange tours Flores Komodo discover Komodo dragon at Komodo National Park and Flores island trips. We are here to arrange tours Flores island, Komodo island tour, Rinca island tours and other tours at the island of Flores Komodo.

Flores Komodo Tour Packages

This tour packages are best choice both for Komodo tours and Flores Komodo tours. As long as you only want to visit the islands of Komodo national park, so Komodo tour packages become your choose.

But if you want to visit Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park, so Flores Komodo tour packages become your choice.

Tours Komodo Dragon 2D/1N

2D1N Tour Komodo Dragon Indonesia
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Flores Komodo Indonesia 7D/6N

Flores Komodo Island Tours
7D6N Flores Komodo Indonesia
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Komodo tours Indonesia 3D/2N

Komodo National Park Indonesia
3D2N Tour Komodo Island
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Service testimonials

Here is the site for you to write down your experience as long as you have been with our travel services in Indonesia. We are here specialist for Komodo tour to see Komodo Dragon at the islands of Komodo national park and Flores island tour. Please don't put here your comment as long as not related to our services. We of course put to the spam. We will check weather you are right come along with our travel service or not. We do not mind whatever your comments but you really come with our services. We keep all the email from our clients who have been with our travel services.


Here you can find some travel information about; tourist objects, tour packages, travel service and tour guide from Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park Indonesia.
Komodo dragon

Komodo Dragon Gili Motang Island

12 August 2019 1.913x Travel Flores Komodo Indonesia

Probably  a lot of visitors or tourist do not know Komodo dragon at Gili Motang island. I trust it so much. Because if you see on the large map, maybe difficult to see this island. You can see except special... read more

Tours Komodo island

Tours Komodo Island Indonesia

29 November 2016 1.669x Travel Flores Komodo Indonesia

Tours Komodo Island is the main point of tours to the islands of Komodo national park in Indonesia. Komodo is using for some names here. It’s by local peoples there. First is using as the name of dragon Indonesia. Second... read more

Tours Flores island

Tours Flores Island Indonesia

29 November 2016 1.697x Travel Flores Komodo Indonesia

Tours Flores Island is general travel information about tours on Flores Island Indonesia. Furthermore, Tours Flores Island will bring visitors to see beauty of nature, culture, tradition, peoples and way of life. Flores Island is administratively in the province of... read more

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