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Komodo tours is all tours to Komodo National Park and Flores Island in Indonesia that our main offers with private tour packages. Flores Komodo tours always starts either from Bali island or Jakarta city because flights connecting daily to Labuan Bajo, Flores Island. Here, we arrange to find the way to see Komodo dragon Indonesia, wild life, nature, culture, tradition and way of life.

We arrange all kind of Komodo tours to Komodo national park and tours on Flores Island. It’s because Flores Mega Tours is local travel company based in Labuan Bajo, west part of Flores Island. Here we have published Flores Komodo tour packages so that visitors easy to choose our services.

You find our tour packages here either for Komodo tours only or combine with tours on Flores island. You ask to our team as long as you can’t find tour programs what you want here. Because maybe some of tour packages we don’t put here. Of course you will get other programs from our team as long as you make a request.

Travelers can starts from another place for Flores Komodo tours but the flights will transit in Bali before fly to Flores Island.  Beyond Bali and Jakarta city, travelers can make tours starts from Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Lombok, Sulawesi or other places in Indonesia.

Komodo tours is all kind of travel packages to Komodo national park that we organize for travelers. While Flores island tours is all tour packages that we arrange for Flores Island. However we arrange Komodo Flores tours to visit both of tourist destination.

Tours Flores Island is doing with overland either starts from east to west or starts from east to west. All cars are using AC either for individual or group. You will do some activity with short trek or walking on tourist objects.

While, all tours to the islands of Komodo national park will do with boat either daily trip or live aboard. We arrange cruises on Komodo island with private service. Cruise handling will do a short program for trekking, snorkeling at Pink beach and visit the village of Komodo.

Boat trip also is using on tours to 17 islands at Riung village on the north of Flores Island. But the boats have not cabins or room because you do for daily trip.

Tours Komodo island
Tours Komodo island

Because our office based in the town of Labuan Bajo, west part of Flores Island, so we arrange daily trip. Komodo daily trip is a tours to Komodo national park starts from Labuan Bajo town. So, travelers can make daily trip or live aboard. Visitors will do snorkeling, swimming, relax on beaches or combine with trekking or hiking.

Here, we would to tell that Maumere, Ende and Labuan Bajo town is main gate on Flores Island. So, you should connect to these town for domestic flight from starting point. Our offers can include or not included of air fare, it’s depending on your requests.

In addition that we arrange Komodo Flores tours in private service. So, we don’t accept tours in share, collections or catalog system. A tour packages we do as long as 2 participants for once departure.

Flores Komodo island
Flores Komodo island

Flores Mega Tours is authorization directly by PT. KOMODO MEGA WISATA. This is our legality and licensing of Indonesia’s government for travel business. www.floresmegatours.com is one of our online marketing division of our travel company.

Finally, we welcome travelers who want make travel to Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park. Thanks for all participants that have been with our service on holidays.


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Komodo Tours Indonesia

Beyond regular tour packages here, we offers special tours on Flores Island and Komodo national park. It’s Eco tour packages that you can find another website of our online marketing.  Maybe you want to see special interest than regular tour.

To see special offers, you just find other sites of our travel marketing. You can choose Eco tour packages according to what we have on the site. So, hope you find the great programs.

Although you get higher cost on special offers but what you will see. Let go to check it now!

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